Shaheen Air’s selling tickets on unauthorized routes

CAA takes measures that no inconvenience be caused to passengers

Staff Reporter


Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will take measures that no inconvenience of hardship be caused to passengers of Shaheen Air International’s (SAI’s) irresponsible behaviour of selling tickets of un-sanctioned new routes despite no permission was granted by the honourable Sindh High Court.
CAA strongly sets aside SAI’s allegations about the recent woes, distress and agony of passengers being caused by the regulator and has termed such allegations from SAI as a cover up of airline’s incompetence and inability to work according to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
In its statement, SAI has been naive to term flying on new routes as routine timetable changes and trying to mislead general public covering up for its extreme mismanagement and violation of rules and regulations.
Starting up a new and unauthorized international route cannot be construed as a routine timetable change. Sale of tickets for unauthorized routes is not only a violation but also misleads passengers into buying tickets. It becomes a scam for innocent potential passengers who are unaware of the ground realities.
SAI has time and again tried to twist the facts and even the judgements of the Honourable Sindh High Court (SHC) to shift the blame of its mismanagement, inefficiency and lawlessness on CAA.

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