Shahbaz says PML-N will win elections

Salim Ahmed


President PML-N Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said the PML-N will win the next elections on the basis of its immaculate performance.
He said this in a statement issued here Thursday.
Shahbaz said that establishment of 200 new colleges and 19 universities across the province is a proof of public service of the PML-N.
He said, alongside metro bus projects and construction of new roads and bridges, modern educational institutions and well-equipped hospitals were also established to facilitate the people at their doorsteps,” he said, adding: “Due to the efforts of the Punjab government, hospitals have been totally transformed and the far-reaching reforms initiated in education, agriculture and other sectors are quoted as worth-following examples.”
Shahbaz said the people living in Sindh and other provinces are yearning for development and prosperity and if an opportunity is accorded by Almighty Allah and the people chose us for their service, every city, town and village will be beautified.
He said that PML-N has the necessary ability to move forward the process of composite reforms initiated in different sectors. Shahbaz Sharif further said that public money was taken as a sacred trust and a glowing example was set in the national history by saving billions of rupees. Moreover, Shahbaz in a tweet has objected over the appointment of Dr Hasan Askari as caretaker Punjab CM.

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