Shahbaz rejects Imran’s allegations

Vows to leave politics if proven guilty

Salim Ahmed


Shahbaz Sharif on Thursday rejected all allegations of corruption and misconduct levelled by Imran Khan, clarifying that the Lahore Metro Bus project was made in Rs 30 billion while the PTI chief accused him of Rs 70 billion corruption.
Speaking to a press conference, the chief minister admitted he knew Javed Sadiq but denied taking any commission worth Rs 27 billion from the person who Imran called Shahbaz’s front man.
He recalled that Imran had also accused him of offering Rs 10 billion through a mutual friend. “I sent him a notice. Neither Imran Khan nor his lawyer came to court,” he added.
Shahbaz promised to resign if he is declared guilty, adding that “Imran should sit on a shrine upon being proven a liar.” He called Faisal Subhan a fictional character created by the PTI chairman.
He said, “Imran Niazi has leveled a new allegation against me by creating a mythological character like Faisal Subhan.
A TV channel has also played its part in this regard. I says to Niazi “put up and shut up.” It means that either you show proof or hold your tongue. I filed a suit against this TV channel in the UK and hired the services of a law company there. Filing a case in the UK does not mean that I do not trust my courts but the system of deciding defamation cases is time-consuming here. Lives are spent but such cases remain undecided. That is why I have taken legal action in the UK.
The Chief Minister said that Imran Niazi levels an allegation and then does not prove to but levels another allegation. He first alleged that 70 billion rupees are spent on Lahore Metro Bus Project. We contradicted it and challenged it. We did not know that Imran Niazi is a born liar; therefore, we gave a proper reply. We said that thirty billion rupees are spent on metro bus project and that thing could be checked from any forum but Imran Niazi continued to harp on about seventy billion rupees.
“I contacted Transparency International and held a meeting with its board members. Former justice Nasira Iqbal was included in the board members whose son is in the PTI today. Imran Khan was invited there but he did not turn up. Then TI checked all the record and gave a decision that 30 billion rupees are spent on it.”
Niazi Sahib leveled second allegation with regard to Javed Sadiq along with his colleagues in a press conference and claimed that Javed Sadiq is my front man and leveled an allegation of 27 billion rupees corruption against me. I sent a notice to him and the reply is still awaited.
Javed Sadiq has military background and I had good relations with him and this is no crime indeed. Rs 27 billion is a huge amount and if there is a corruption of 27 pennies then it would be a crime.
Khan Sahib did not reply to my notice, as well. Then Khan Sahib alleged that I gave an offer of ten billion rupees’ bribe to him in Panama Case. I again sent him a notice and filed a defamation suit but there is no reply to it. During the proceedings of these cases, Khan Sahib turned up nor his lawyer Babar Awan appeared before the court. Babar Awan is such a character of loot and corruption who has been made responsible for corruption in Nandi Pur Project by Judge Rehmat Hussain Jafri.
He said NAB may investigate even for hundred times but revenge in the name of law is not correct. He said that Niazi Sahib leveled allegations against me with regard to Multan Metro Bus. It is enough with reference to Multan Metro that no investigation team of the said Chinese Commission has ever come to Pakistan. The press release issued by Chinese Security Commission and Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan issued on August 30, 2017 proved allegation of Imran Niazi as incorrect.
Shahbaz said the Chinese Security Commission clearly stated in the said press release that CSRC has never held any investigation of any official or private Pakistani citizen. The press release further stated that Yabeat Chinese Company has no connection with Multan Metro.
Niazi Sahib said that a person with the name of Subhan gave interview to Chinese delegation; although according to the press release, no Chinese delegation visited Pakistan nor held any interview, he said. The SECP of Pakistan said that no institution with the name of Capital Engineering and Construction Company is registered with us and no unknown person can be investigated as the person is unavail-able; then how investigation could be held. There is no other hollowness of Imran Niazi’s claims than this.
“I ask the youth that they may reject me but a person who has won cricket world cup and speaks lies day and night, then he must be held account-able. The Chinese foreign office spokesman has also contradicted allegations with regard to Multan Metro; the Chinese company was fined six lakh yen and was blacklisted, as well. The company CEO was also fined three lakh yen and this Yabeat Com-pany also begged pardon openly.
I ask Khan Sahib what else he needed which I should show to him as a proof? There is a court of Allah Almighty where there is a system of reward and punishment and it would be decided there. There is a public court and it will also decide. The forums of Supreme Court and High Court are also there. I am knocking the door of this forum again so as to make things crystal clear.”
He said that corruption is not a problem of Niazi Sahib, because if it were his problem, then he would not remain silent on mega scandal of Nandipur corruption.
A judge of the apex court has held Babar Awan responsible for corruption in this scandal. Has he ever taken name of Babar Awan? He speaks against corruption but a corrupt is sitting in his lap which is a cruel joke with the nation.

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