Shahbaz’ reconciliatory approach

PUNJAB Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has once again reiterated that civilian government and military must work together to counter the challenges facing the country. Talking to media-persons in Lahore on Wednesday, he praised the Army Chief for his professional approach, straight forwardness and emphasized the need to respect and honour the endeavours undertaken by him.
It was generally believed that the atmosphere of tension and mistrust would give way to understanding following election of Mian Shahbaz Sharif as President of the ruling PML-N and efforts and approach of Shahbaz seem to be bearing fruit. He is not only trying to improve working relationship among institutions but is also focused on cementing internal harmony and strength of the Party. A meeting between Chief Minister Punjab and Ch Nisar Ali, as per media reports, has contributed towards the goal of internal cohesion. Though PTI circles on social media are claiming that the former Interior Minister might announce joining the Party on the occasion of PTI gathering at Minar-i-Pakistan but those who know Ch Nisar would never believe that he could switch loyalty in such a manner or at such a juncture in the history of PML-(N. There can also be no two opinions that the civilian government and the Army should work together to address challenges presently confronting Pakistan. The blood bath in Occupied Kashmir, almost daily violations of ceasefire on LoC and the Working Boundary, friction with the United States, volatile situation on the Afghan front as well as internal security threats demand a unified policy and approach to achieve desired results and safeguard interests of the country. We believe that institutions must not feel shy of talking to each other formally or informally, as all of them are duty bound to uphold and advance cause of the country.

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