Shahbaz questions Imran, Zardari performance


Observes test run of Orange Line Metro Train

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Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Wednes-day said that Orange Line Metro Train project was delayed by 22 months due to Imran Khan’s negative politics. “Imran Khan’s own train has left and he has zero understanding how people suffer over lack of public transport,” Chief Minister Nawaz Sharif said while addressing a gathering held to mark the test run of multi-billion metro train porject at Lak-shmi Chowk.
“I am disappointed by PTI who tried to sabotage Orange Line project by getting a stay order against it and delaying the project for 22 months. It’s a pro-ject for public welfare”
He said that the nation would take revenge from the PTI for the delay it had caused to the train project. Asif Ali Zardari too has joined Imran Khan at Bani Gala, he said, adding that they had done nothing for their own provinces and call him a dangerous per-son.
Niazi Sahib claims that I am dangerous; he should wait and see that how dangerous I am. If an oppor-tunity is accorded after the elections, blue line metro train will be constructed from Bhatti to airport.
“Orange line metro train will be completed in three months InshaaAllah and after the coming elections, blue line will be completed InshaaAllah,” he said.
“Once completed, you and I will travel in this Or-ange Train. We all know how the people have to commute using buses and rickshaws and the diffi-culties they have to face.”
“We have transformed Lahore into Paris,” he said. “OLMT is not just a one development project. Rather, it is the manifestation of democratic resolve to serve the common man. Teachers, students, common citizens, labourers and people from all walks of life will benefit from Orange Line Metro Train”
The OLMT is Pakistan’s first mass rapid transit train project launched by the Punjab government. It will prove to be a real game changer for the people of Lahore and Punjab, who will experience a com-fortable, secure and economical travelling facility.
He said that Imran Niazi should have developed educational institutions and healthcare facilities in the KP as he had begged votes by raising the slo-gans of world cup and Shaukat Khanum. But he has devastated the KP province and tried to obstruct the development projects aimed at welfare of the masses.
He said that Zardari, who has ruined Sindh, resur-faced in a new shape and now, Bilawal House and Banigala have turned into conjoined twins. They both are united now; one is having a bat while the other is holding an arrow, he said. But when lion will roar, they will not be seen anywhere. They vilify me for developing physical infrastructure including bridges and roads.
Niazi Sahib, it may be true that I have developed bridges but you let the bridges to fall there. And when dengue attacked KP, you climbed to the mountains of Nathiagali to enjoy seclusion, he maintained. We have developed new bridges, roads, institutions and hospitals in Punjab and if an oppor-tunity is accorded then these projects will also be started in Sindh, Baluchistan and KPK provinces.
He said that Zardari’s PPP and Niazi’s PTI have destroyed both Sindh and KP provinces. He said that Niazi’s desires will remain unfulfilled as the will of Allah Almighty reigns supreme.
He said that a huge amount of 75 billion rupees of the poor nation have been saved in orange line metro train. I put a question to the NAB that it digs everything up and tries to find out even the invisi-ble. It should, at least, praise the savings of Rs. 75 billion of the poor nation, he added.
He said that whole team especially Kh. Ahmad Has-san, Sibtain Fazal Haleem, Commissioner Lahore Division and Chief Secretary deserves accolades who have worked around-the-clock. I have tried to come up on the expectations of the people as Khadim-e-Aala. However, if any mistake has hap-pened then I am sorry over it, he said.

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