Shahbaz pays tributes to Allama Iqbal


Salim Ahmed


Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has said that Allama Iqbal was a great philosopher, poet and a scholar whose poetry and philosophical thoughts guide us even today. In his message on the eve of 140th birth anniversary of Poet of the East Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the Chief Minister said that Allama Iqbal awakened the Muslims of Indo-Pak Subcontinent from the slumber of ignorance and reinvigorated them to pursue the goal of Pakistan. His proposal for a separate homeland for the Muslims was a proof of his political acumen. Allama Iqbal infused a revolutionary spirit in the youth and highlighted the eternal greatness of Islam before the people.
The Chief Minister stressed the need to understand the teachings and philosophy of Allama Iqbal as his philosophy is a milestone for all of us which provides necessary guidance in times of need. It is the need of the hour to promote a justifiable socio-economic system by following the poetry and sayings of the Poet of the East. Our lives would be transformed if we followed the philosophy of Allama Iqbal and Pakistan shall also regain its lost glory. Pakistan shall emerge as a tolerant and a welfare State by following his philosophy and it is the best way to pay tributes to him that we conforms to his philosophical thoughts.
He said that Allama Iqbal was a great champion of unity among the Muslims and he propagated this thing through his poetry. Allama Iqbal has addressed the whole humanity by rising above the territorial limitations as he was of the view that concepts of justice, Islamic spirit, self respect and humanity are the guarantors of development of the Muslims. Allama Iqbal gave a positive thought to the youth and his philosophy is a milestone for them who can bring change in the country by following his path. The Chief Minister said that today we should reiterate our commitment to follow the philosophy of Dr. Muhammad Iqbal to transform the State of Pakistan according to the concepts of founder of the nation.

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