Shahbaz pan faux pas


Former CM Punjab should have been more careful and respected sensitivities of people of Karachi especially when he joked about Pan Eating habits of those who live in this city. It would be appropriate for him to offer an unconditional apology for this Faux Pas. Karachi’s problem is uncollected garbage, broken roads, blocked sewerage drains etc and water that does not flow from taps. Citizens spend thousands buying water from tankers only to find out that is contaminated and unfit for human use. The other major problems are street crime, kidnapping for ransom, harassment of citizens, majority of whom are Urdu speaking. Eating pan and spitting into a vessel named “Ughaldan” was the custom and tradition of those who migrated from Delhi, Agra etc.
My late mother migrated from Delhi along with rest of her family. I have never seen her spitting on floor or roads, except into an Ughaldan, which was placed next to where Pandan was placed. My late mother died a few years back and would tell us that Urdu-speaking people would encourage their children to get educated and would never allow them to carry arms. Let us not be fooled by those who have reduced Karachi to a garbage dump and a dangerous city and play ethnic card, but seek to revert it to city of lights, tolerance and peace which was its hallmark till early 80s.

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