Shahbaz inaugurates Langarwala Pattan-Sahiwal bridge

Salim Ahmed


Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Sha-hbaz Sharif inaugurated the Langarwala Pattan-Sahiwal high-level bridge at Jhelum River in Sar-godha on Wednesday. He also inspected the bridge and appreciated the high construction standards.
The Chief Minister was told that an amount of Rs. 3 billion has been spent on this 2100 feet long bridge which will interconnect 27 lakh population of Sar-godha and Khushab districts. Distance between adjoining areas including Sargodha, Khushab, Mianwali and Bhakkar has been sufficiently de-creased due to the construction of this vital connec-tivity. It is expected that new bridge will also boost socio-economic activities and access to hospitals and educational institutions will become easier now.Addressing the large public gathering at Sahiwal Tehsil stadium in Sargodha afterwards, the Chief Minister said that this mammoth public presence in the holy month of Ramadan in hot weather shows that the upcoming election belongs to Pakistan Mus-lim League-N. He said that Muhammad Nawaz Sharif promised in 2013 that darkness of load-shedding will be removed and it is the infinite bless-ing of Almighty Allah that the PML-N government worked very hard to cope with the energy crisis and federal as well as the Punjab governments made an investment of many hundred billion rupees in the energy projects. Electricity generation projects were also set up under the CPEC, he added. During the tenure of PML-N government, electricity generation projects of ten thousand megawatts capacity have been set up and electricity is being provided to the whole of the country, he said. He said the duration of load-shedding was very long in 2010; now in spite of shenanigans of the opponents, power pro-jects are generating electricity for the nation. 1180 megawatts electricity is being provided from Bhikki Power Plant while Haveli Bahadur Shah Gas Power Plant is producing 1250 megawatt electricity. Simi-larly, Baloki Plant is providing 1250 megawatts electricity to the nation. Meanwhile, Sahiwal Coal Power Plant and Port Qasim Plant are generating a total of 2640 megawatts electricity. The new pro-jects are fulfilling the electricity generation gap resulting due to less water in dams and decrease in hydro power generation. He said that basic reason of twice nation-wide tripping was fault in the transmis-sion lines and it was not resulted due to lack of elec-tricity.
The Chief Minister said that Punjab government has returned the right of the farmers by decreasing fertilizers’ prices and colossal subsidy has also been provided by federal and Punjab governments. On the other side, thousands of kilometers long car-peted roads have been constructed in villages with an amount of Rs. 85 billion. Farmers are getting cheap electricity due to decrease in electricity rates for agri. tube-wells, he added. He said that stipends worth Rs. 17 billion have been distributed among bright but deserving students during the last nine years under the PEEF program. Along with it, inter-est-free loans to the tune of Rs. 40 billion have been distributed among jobless youth and as a result, more than two million people have started earning. He said that PML-N government has carried out numerous welfare projects adding that development schemes are a proof of our public service. Today, opponents claimed to unveil the 100-day program by becoming the next Prime Minister of Pakistan; but Niazi Sahib, you have developed no new institu-tion in the KPK and the fact is that you have even failed to perform. If an opportunity is granted after the elections, new hospital and university will be established in every district, he added.

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