Shahbaz expresses ‘heartfelt’ sympathy for PTI supporters

Niazi has awarded tickets to turncoats, no one willing to take them from Zardari

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President of PML-N Mian Shahbaz Sharif has said that in the up-oming elections, the power of the ballot will bury the politics of Niazi and Zardari to the ground.
The façade behind creating a ‘Naya Pakistan’ has been exposed as evident by turncoats in Niazi’s party to whom he has given tickets to. I feel sorry for PTI’s party workers have been fooled by the slogan of a ‘Naya Pakistan’.
The distribution of tickets has made it clear that he is able to predict his loss, says a press release.
Meanwhile, Zardari’s own workers have refused to take tickets from him. PML-N is a political party that is able to think and plan ahead, whereas, Niazi does not have the vision to do so.
Our performance is visible to the polity and I am certain that the people will make an in-formed decision to vote for us after assessing it. Wherever Niazi or Zardari will go, our performance will follow them.
Mian Shahbaz Sharif stated that Zardari and Niazi can see their loss clearly and therefore, they have already mentally lost the elections. He said striving for the welfare of people is our highest priority. Politics is fruitful so as long as it delivers results and we are firmly committed on that front.
He said that these upcoming elections are the most important ones in the history of Pakistan. In order to strengthen the foundations of progress that have been laid out in these past five years, it is pivotal that we have access to power in the next 5 years as well. In the next five years, the foundations of development will be solidified and Pakistan will enter into a new age.
We have taken Pakistan out of the dark but, now, we have to steer it to prosperity. All of the surveys are predicting the victory of PML-N in these elections. This has only been possible due to our strongest asset; the belief and commitment of the masses in us.

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