Shahbaz earns applause

The Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif is well aware of the reality that serving the people and working for their welfare is the prime duty of a political leader and those who understand this formula and selflessly act on it earn blessings in this world and hereafter. This is the reason that province of Punjab has marched forward with speed on the path of development in almost all the important sectors that directly or indirectly bring improvement in the life of common man.
Regardless of what his opponents say about him and the PML (N), it is a fact that not only the people of Punjab and other federating units but also foreign leaders and delegates, whosoever had the opportunity to work with Shahbaz, praised his leadership and exemplary efficiency in executing projects with speed and transparency. The latest demonstration came at the ground-breaking ceremony of 1263 megawatt LNG power plant in Jhang where German Ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler lauded the energy and dynamism of the Punjab CM for the efforts he has put in to improve power situation in the country. Be it the power or the metro bus projects in different cities of Punjab, Shahbaz has set benchmarks for others to follow. With his efforts he has proved that projects in Pakistan can also be completed in time. Owing to this, the province also earned the title of ‘Punjab Speed’ from the Chinese — a nation that is globally recognised as most efficient economy of the world and where project execution runs by the clock with no room for falling behind schedule. As a result of the efficiency benchmarks set by Shahbaz, we see that China and other countries are now turning to Punjab for their investment that definitely go a long way in further changing the face of the province and provision of job opportunities to the youth. We also expect that other provincial governments also set good precedents and ensure greater efficiency and transparency in completion of their projects so that the people of their areas could also see a change in their life.

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