Sexual abuses

Despite being an Islamic country, Pakistan is counted among those top ten counties where sexual harassment comes about extremely on a daily basis. It includes children, minor girls and women. Since, reality may not be hidden that Pakistan is named as Islamic Republic of Pakistan where laws and regulations are run out in accordance with Sunnah and Hadith. Though hundreds of cases regarding child abuse, sexual harassment and women raped have been reported yet one-fourth cases are not investigated properly. A few days before, a woman in Faisalabad was gang-raped by a cunning method. His husband’s friend had assured her that he would give her a job in a factory.
But he including his three friends raped her and dumped her in unconscious condition in Nishatabad. Earlier a similar incident occurred with a woman of Fortabbas which is a village of Gujranwala. Largely victims belong to Punjab. Since most of cases are reported from Rahim Yar Khan, Gujranwala, Faisalabad and other parts of Punjab. Besides it, hundreds of cases are identified but a few come for justice. It really hurts us that people are afraid of seeking justice because of fear of losing their reputation. In order to reduce sexual abuses, it is indispensable for the PTI Government to implement appropriate changes in his reign for those who are involved in such activities. Thus sexual abuses would get reduced in shortest possible time.

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