Sewerage water

Aqsa Amin Anjum

Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan. It was once called the ‘City of Lights and Opportunities’. But in Karachi I have been observing one problem that has not been solved yet. It is not traffic, it is not pollution but it is the problem of sewerage. I feel like pocking when I see the sewerage water on the roads and even on foot-paths. People feel disgusted and they blame the government for it.
They should blame the government but it is not entirely the fault of government, it is the fault of sweepers who block the sewerage line on purpose to earn money. sewerage water gets mixed with drinking water supply and then causes many diseases like typhoid, malaria etc. The politicians of every area promise that they would solve the problems of the people but their promise remain a promise and no one acts on them.
I request the government to please pay attention toward this problen because if they do not pay attention toward this problem to provide relief to the people from stinking water and dirty environment getting hazardous for the public health.
— Karachi

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