Sewage problem

I have been living in Karachi for 20 years. I have been observing one civic problem which has not been solved yet. It is not traffic, it is not pollution but it is sewage problem that is playing havoc. I feel like puking when I see sewerage water on main roads with dipping pedestrian paths. We people feel disgusted and blame the government for it. Yes! Government should be blamed but it is not only responsible. I think sweepers are responsible for blockade to earn money from locality. Stagnant water on roads leads to malaria and other seasonal diseases. Due to this, school children stuck in home and unable to go to school.
Moreover, in most of the case, sewer water mixes with water supply lines. This causes spreading various diseases. My sister was suffering from typhoid last year due to drinking water supplied by the government. At least 20 to 28 percent of deaths occur due to drinking contaminated water. District government should look into this matter.

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