Seven-year old girl dies of stepmother’s ill treatment

Abdul Khaliq Qureshi

Abbottabad—Seven year old Quratual Ain whose entire body was infected due to injecting at least 20 needles by her stepmother in her abdomen and arms was shifted by her grandfather at Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbottabad, died in early hours on Monday.
According to Deputy Medical Superintendent Dr. Fazal Manan, due to infection in whole body, patient was not in position to be operative. She was put on ventilator as she was admitted with multiple medication problems. According to details, ill-fated girl Quratual Ain daughter of Muhammad Asghar who is the resident of Khawajgan Mansehra went with his father to Hazro where he works at MES. Sometime back her stepmother Fatima has beaten her and had injected sewing needles in her body. She was shifted in critical condition by his uncle from Hazro (Attock) to Abbottabad.
The mother of Quratual Ain was divorced by Muhammad Asghar few years back and till then she was residing with her uncle and grandfather in Mansehra. Four months back she was taken away by his father and her stepmother to Hazro.Abbottabad Mir police has sent request ‘Marasla’ for the arrest of Fatima (the step mother and also father) to Attock police but when Attock police was contacted they denied the receipt of such kind of request.

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