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Various senior journalists paid tribute to Munnu Bhai, a senior columnist, philanthropist, social worker and Chairman Sundas Foundation.
Talking to media persons at a special sitting here on Sunday, they termed him as a living legend and asset of the nation.
Editor Daily Nawa-i-Waqat Saeed Aasi said: “My relations with Munnu Bhai are 4 decades long, when I was writing column in Daily Amroz”. As a journalist, I found him as a perfect man, he said. Munnu Bhai always draw a true picture of current affairs in his columns, he observed.
“He is so beautiful writer that people like him to write a column on their life”, he added.
He is a kind hearted and is spending his life for raising a voice for truth and serving the country without any fear or greed.
His in time comments and instant extempore reply are a proof of his sense of humour, said Sohail Warraich a senior journalist, TV anchor and columnist. He said that Munnu Bhai is a man of journalism’s renaissance in his era. He has many abilities like a good poet, drama writer, play writer, “His words are like pearls combined in a necklace”, he said.
Munnu Bhai is doing marvellous services for Thalessemia patients who spends time with such children, shares his memories with them like a family member, he said.
As an editorial writer, he always adopted a logical, balanced and thought provoking approach, Warraich added.
While narrating interesting moments of Munnir Ahmed Qureshi, Warraich said that once TV artist Late Dildar Pervez Bhatti asked Munnu Bhai what his wife said when she had to call him, Munnu replied, ‘She says Meray Dildar’.
Other senior journalists including Syed Fawad Hashmi, Khawaja Farrukh Saeed, Taseer Mustafa and President Sundas Foudation, Yaseen Khan also praised working and services of Munnu Bhai. They called him as a legend and an asset for the nation.

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