Service to humanity keep Edhi’s mission alive


Business is as usual for Edhi ambulance service

Zubair Qureshi

Islamabad—Business was as usual on Saturday and the dead bodies were transported and the ailing were brought to the two major hospitals of the city Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) and Polyclinic since this was envisioned by their role model and the country’s greatest-ever social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi Sb who never believed in protocol nor break in service. Instead of closing down its operations to mourn the death of its founder, Edhi ambulance service kept providing services to the ailing in line with his mission.
“We received a number of calls of condolence and our hearts are heavy with the grief but we know what his mission was and we are doing in line with his mission,” said one of the workers of Edhi Ambulance Service. Abdul Sattar Edhi was also remembered at all those hospitals and rescue centres of the twin cities where Edhi Ambulances were parked. “After Edhi’s death we feel as if we are orphaned and a great support has been taken away from us,” said a worker of the Edhi Ambulance Service. However we didn’t let any break occur in our services, said they adding “we are silently mourning his death.”
A number of literary and cultural organizations, forums for minority rights and members of civil society gathered outside the press clubs and at prominent marketplaces in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad here on Saturday to mourn death of great social worker and peace activist Abdul Sattar Edhi. With candles in their hands, workers of minority rights forums held a vigil outside the National Press Club and described him a man ‘larger than life’ and a friend of the poor and destitute. Talking to Pakistan Observer, members of civil society said Friday marked end of an era of charity and charitable works. Abdul Sattar Edhi believed in humanity and served the poor and the needy without any regard of their religion, caste or creed.
Members of civil society also held a vigil in memory of the great human lover and said he set an example for the rulers as well as the institutions of the state as how they can serve the masses. “A state should act like Abdul Sattar Edhi Sb who served the masses selflessly,” said Khalil a member of civil society. Edhi Sb believed in humanity and never indulged himself in politics. This is his legacy and we the civil society should be custodians of that golden tradition, said Arfa another activist of women rights.
Literary Organization Gosha-e-Adab also held a reference in memory of Abdul Sattar Edhi and paid him glowing tributes. They called him a role model for the rulers and called upon the government to follow his noble example in serving the humanity. Traders’ organizations also mourned the loss of Abdul Sattar Edhi. All Pakistan Taji Ittehad observed Namaz-e-Janaza (in absentia) of Abdul Sattar Edhi at the Aabpara Chowk. Muhammad Kashif Chaudhry, President of the Ittehad led the prayers.

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