Serpent rearing in your closet


Zaheer Bhatti

IT was September 1, 2012 as the NATO Allies were anchored full force in Afghanistan, when they were administered an embarrassing blow by the Afghan Taliban to remind them that true to their tradition and history just as they did to the British and the Russians, the Afghan natives would make any invader rue its adventurism into Afghanistan. In twin-bombing of the US Base in the heart of Kabul then, the Afghan Taliban had only signaled that the ‘Party had just begun.’ The US spokesman even at that time tried to divert from its embarrassment by blaming it on Pakistan complicity with the Afghan Taliban’s Haqqani network allegedly operating from Pakistan.
The US seemed to have the crystal ball, which told them the exact location in Miranshah North Waziristan where days before the twin bombing of US Base in Kabul wounding 77 Marines, and the guerrilla storming of US Embassy in Kabul resulting in a 20 hour daring siege causing 25 deaths, the two explosives-laden trucks being assembled by the Haqqani group of Taliban were spotted. But intriguingly, the account said nothing about why then were they allowed or managed to get to Kabul traveling through three Afghan Provinces, carrying out the mission and supposedly disappearing back into Pakistan as if wearing a Solomon’s cap; so very convenient and efficient for an ill-provided Taliban outfit to out-maneuver the NATO Coalition armed with sophisticated tracking devices which could do nothing to pre-empt them, except blame Pakistan’s covert backing of the adversary. The US ultimately reneged from its accusation modifying it to ‘have nothing to substantiate ISI involvement.’
Aping its creators, the current Afghan rulers now under Indian tutelage spared no moment on Wednesday 31st May, thoughtlessly mouth-piecing its blame upon the supposed Pakistan based Haqqani Network for the massive water-tanker bomb attack which killed 150 people and wounded over 400 besides causing colossal damage to Kabul’s Diplomatic Enclave, whereas the world knows that after the Operations Zarb-e-Azb and Radd-ul-fasaad, all terrorist hide-outs in Pakistan had been decimated as their inmates were on the run. The Afghans who are on record admitting presence of the foreign-funded Tehreek Taliban Pakistan in Afghanistan, also ought to know about the current Haqqani network whereabouts which must be comfortably entrenched in their innumerable Afghan Taliban strongholds in their own country.
The patent Afghan allegation obviously saying what the Indians told them to say, came from its Intelligence pat after the unfortunate incident without loss of time, as did the NATO Force spokesperson’s accusation over the twin bombing mentioned above. Parroting the same narrative the Afghan Intelligence failed to explain how it arrived at the conclusion so quickly. Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Eizaz Choudhry was justified in quipping that if they were so good that within seconds of the attack they knew who did it, they also ought to have known when they were coming. It was pathetic for the hapless Afghan puppet President to allege that Pakistan was waging an undeclared war against Afghanistan, which reflected his woeful ignorance of ground realities in his own country over which he had little control; more so as instead of eliciting a cohesive response at the Kabul process on Tuesday last from a gathering of 23 Nations, the European Union, the UN and NATO, Ashraf Ghani ruined any chance of a possible détente by pointing his accusing finger in his master’s voice. It was comical of him to threaten the Afghan Taliban of dire consequences if they did not come to the table, whereas it should have been the Taliban telling the puppets to embrace Nationhood or see the writing on the wall.
A fraternal advice to the Afghan brethren in faith would be to dispassionately introspect over a few derivatives. Pakistan has to be mad to try destabilizing Afghanistan sharing thousands of kilometres border with it and serving as its lifeline, when facing the worst fall-out from terrorism itself, it was continuing to house millions of Afghan refugees. Afghanistan must also contemplate why India was being allowed to maintain a dozen odd Consulates along the Pak-Afghan border without an inch of its own territory adjacent to Afghanistan, except being facilitated to destabilize Pakistan through agents like Kalbhoshan. And what was the logic in the US first devastating a whole country and then pumping money also through its Indian proxy to ostensibly reconstruct it?
Common sense would have it that the only objective for the US could be anchoring itself in the region to contain the rising power of China and using India as its proxy promising it the moon. By contrast, while the Chinese had ushered their own World Order for the common good of mankind through mutual trade and development via its One-Belt One-Road initiative, the Imperial designs of divesting the region of its resources and establishing their hegemony was writ large. What they could not achieve militarily they are attempting covertly, using the carrot through their installed minority puppets under Indian supervision against the majority native Pushtuns, and using stick against Pakistan continuing to point its accusing finger and requiring it to submit to the Imperial Plan against China.
Afghanistan must also be weary of the increasing presence of IS or Daesh as they make it their next stop after Iraq and Syria in Afghanistan and possibly Pakistan with the US wink of approval which is being cashed in by India using them in tandem with Tehreek Taliban Pakistan already operating under its wings. As for the condemnable deadly Kabul assault, while no one yet appears to have claimed responsibility, the plot thickens in the direction this scribe is pointing, which is that it may well turn out to be the handiwork of Indian RAW, the serpent being reared in the Afghan closet courtesy its Imperial providers.
My inference comes from intricate analysis of the three possibilities, namely the Afghan Taliban, Daesh trying to build its credentials against the rising influence of Afghan Taliban, and the TTP under Indian tutelage. One has to rule out the Afghan Taliban who have not only denied any role in the attack but repeatedly declared their policy not to attack civilians and only target the invaders and their puppet Afghan forces. If it were Daesh alone, they ought to have immediately claimed responsibility to establish their effective presence. But since it is only RAW which has information and access to the diplomatic enclave whereabouts, it could well have engineered the episode using the TTP in concert with Daesh, to put it on Afghan Taliban or Pakistan.
—The writer is a media professional, member of Pioneering team of PTV and a veteran ex Director Programmes.

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