Sept 6: A day to remember

September 6 is of special significance to Pakistan. The surprise attack that India launched under the cloak of darkness was aimed to catch us unprepared. This did give Indian forces some land, but in its wake they were cautious when they did not find any opposition. By first sunlight, Pakistani troops had taken positions and from then onward till the end of the war, the Indians could not move an inch forward, despite their enormous numerical superiority. Pakistani soldiers defended their motherland. They fought fearlessly and ferociously.
Gracefully, they sacrificed their lives so that Pakistan could survive. The enemy was at door to take over all major cities of Pakistan. Our army frustrated its designs. Great have been the tragedies of war, but only a few have endured them. It seems most of the public have forgotten the deeds and sufferings of soldiers who laid down their lives for saving sanctity of country’s borders. This is a great tragedy.
Kech, Turbat

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