Separation vs divorce

According to news published in a leading Indian Daily a new trend of getting separation is becoming popular in Indian couples. Usually the estranged couples due to domestic problems seek divorce. But now they are preferring separation over divorce. It is easy to have Separation Agreement than to litigate for divorce in the courts. The break ups are on the rise. But the statistics show that one out of four gets divorce and three prefer separation. It is quite alarming trend ad break ups have become quite easy. No legal wrangling is involved in these cases. Marriage and divorce entail legal complexities once the process is initiated. Divorce takes 3 to 7 years to get. So many complexities are involved in divorce matters that people feel sick of going to the family courts. At present 35 million, 35 thousand & 202 cases of separation have been reported in India, whereas 13 million 62 thousand & 216 cases of divorce have taken place. The rising number confirms the preference over divorce by the couples. They want to avoid the hassles of unnecessary litigation over prolonged period of time. Incidences of separation are double in rural areas as compared to cities. Generally the villagers prefer separation over divorce. Most of the men leave their spouses without considering legal or social compulsions. The trend of separation is in vogue all over the world due to ease of the process. Most people want to say adieu in quick succession. As a divorcee and lawyer I prefer Separation Over Divorce. The best way to leave one’s partner in an amicable manner.

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