Sensitising diplomatic corps

FOREIGN Office did well on Wednesday by arranging a comprehensive briefing to Islamabad-based members of the diplomatic community about massive counter-terrorism efforts being made for regional and global safety and security as well as hiccups being created by Indo-Afghan nexus in taking the campaign to its logical conclusion. They were also briefed about the terrorist threat emanating from the safe havens and sanctuaries in Afghanistan, which is resulting in loss of human life and damage to infrastructure in Pakistan.
The briefing assumes significance as it was held in the backdrop of renewed allegations by the United States, which is pressurizing Pakistan to do more just to shift the blame of its failure in Afghanistan on Pakistan. At the same time, India has increased its provocative violations on the Line of Control and the Working Boundary resulting into killing of innocent people. The intensity and frequency of such incidents is a clear testimony that India wants to distract Pakistan’s attention from its fight against terror especially along the western border, which should be a source of concern to Washington but strangely enough it is closing its eyes to the serious development and is focusing just on increasing pressure on Pakistan. The intelligence apparatus of India and Afghanistan are also colluding in destabilizing Pakistan and sponsoring terrorist activities in different parts of the country. All these developments clearly show that Pakistan is sincerely working to eliminate the menace of terrorism and some regional countries are blocking its way but still propaganda has been unleashed against the country on the pretext of providing safe havens to Haqqani Network. Briefing by both civilian and military leadership must have put things in the right perspective as it also provided members of the diplomatic community an opportunity to ask questions agitating their minds. Hopefully, their feedback to their countries would help crystallize thinking on the issue of terrorism, Pakistan’s role and contribution, its sacrifices, the need to extend support to the country and scuttle propaganda against the country being unleashed by some forces as part of their regional and global agenda. We would urge the Foreign Office to convene a meeting of Pakistani Ambassadors in important capitals where they should be comprehensively briefed on different aspects of the issue so that they are properly equipped to safeguard interests of the country.

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