Sensible career planning

Syed Najaf Raza

What truly is education? We have grown up but do we remember anything that we remember our percentage or marks we obtained in our school or college exams. The thing we mostly remember only from our progress report card was any good or bad remarks written on that report and as the history repeats itself, now the remarks on the reports of our children is equally important for them. A progress report card can not define the success or failings of a person in his / her future life. A report card can’t show the actual interest one has for his future.
We confuse the marks with aptitude or talent of a young student. Why do we want our children to be what we want them to be rather than helping them out in what they themselves want to be? If we force them, then they might never be successful. If a person wants to be a Banker, then let him/her study Economics instead of Biology, if a person wants to be a Doctor then let him or her study Biology instead of forcing him/her to study Computer Sciences.
All the successful persons that we see did what they wanted to be; their families and friends supported them instead of taunting them for what they want to see them. My humble message to the parents is, let your child be what he/she wants to be. Support them, help them, teach them; Education matters, just aspirations and expectations don’t.

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