Sensational idea

P S Saravana Durai
Mumbai, India

The Indian Supreme Court ruling that [Indian] national anthem must be played in theatres before screening is welcome and maybe it is a step toward radical changes that everyone is facing now in this fast-moving world. Also, it is only wise to call it a sensational idea. To be frank and honest, I had first read the news with a pinch of doubt. Then sometime later, I had started recollecting the Vande Mataram album by Indian musician AR Rahman in order to commemorate the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Indian Independence in the late 1990s.
During my college-years like 1998, I had soaked myself in this powerful music album. I could remember buying the Vande Mataram CD in Mumbai, India during my 1998 college trip there. I had got the true feeling of devotion on playing the music in my native areas of Tuticorin, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu in India.
The whole country of India knows how this album had lured and swayed the people from all walks of life, the youth and the elderly. And I remember that the Vande Mataram had made both India and Pakistan friendly then [I am also sure that a well-known figure from Pakistan was involved in the creation of the album]. Definitely, sincere and serious steps will pave the way for the [Indian] national anthem at theatres in a way that will somehow ignite the mind of the people in a positive way.

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