Senate passes resolution for enhancement of its powers


The Senate on Monday unanimously passed a resolution to enhance role and powers of the Upper House for protecting the rights of the federating units and providing a meaningful participation to the Provinces and other territories in the affairs of the Federation.
The Resolution recommending amendments in 11 articles of the Constitution for further empowering the Senate was moved by Leader of the House Senator Raja Muhammad Zafarul Haq and enjoyed support of all Parliamentary parties in the House. Following is the text of the Resolution.
Protection and representation of interests and rights of the,- Federating units and the people of Pakistan; • Marginalized segments of Society; and Ethnic minorities Transmitting fruits of democracy to the people of Pakistan; Undertaking legislation that translates policies for the welfare and betterment of the Federation, the Federating Units and its citizenry; Ensuring that devolution of subjects and powers takes place and remains within the constitutional parameters; and Safeguarding the interest of the country in the wake of emerging regional and global realities.”–APP

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