Senate awaits new Chairman

HECTIC political activities in the Federal Capital are going on ahead of the elections of the Senate Chairman with major political parties engaged in lobbying and contacting the smaller groups to garner their support to get their candidate elected for the top slot. The PML (N) and its allied parties at their consultative meeting on Wednesday agreed to support the candidature of incumbent Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani if his name was once again proposed by the PPP.
The surprising, however, was the response of Asif Ali Zardari, the Co-Chairman of PPP, who instead of supporting the idea of bringing a unanimous candidate and that too from his own party, rejected the idea of reinstating Raza Rabbani. In fact all the political parties support the reinstatement of Raza Rabbani as the Chairman Senate given his work for the cause of democracy and the credibility and the grace he brought to the Upper House over the last three years. Zardari’s opposition to his name clearly indicates that all is not well within the PPP’s ranks as also on Wednesday we saw Farhatullah Babar being removed from the office of the party’s spokesperson after he made a fiery farewell speech in the Senate. While Zardari rejected the offer of bringing a unanimous candidate, it is good to see that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is still sticking to the spirit he had shown soon after 2013 election when he accepted the opposition parties’ forming their governments in the provinces while also allowing the governments in Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir to complete their terms. Indeed such an approach is required from senior leadership of parties in order to promote and strengthen political and democratic norms and take the country forward on path of stability. Politics of confrontation is neither in the interest of political parties nor the country. We, therefore, will urge PPP co-chairman to review his decision and nominate Raza Rabbani as at the end of the day it is the leader of his own party who will be occupying Chairman Senate seat. This will augur well not only to discourage horse trading but also leave a positive impression amongst the people that politicians have the ability to sort out matters in an environment of mutual trust and cooperation.

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