Seminar on ‘Ethics in Media’

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Dow Medical College organized a Seminar titled ‘Ethics in Media’ today at Arag Auditorium of Dow Medical College. Renowned Editor of Herald Mr. Badar Alam was invited as a Guest Speaker in the Seminar. The aim of this Seminar to raise awareness about media ethics and journalism.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Badar Alam Informed that truth and ethics is the integral part of journalism. Journalists cannot always guarantee truth but getting the facts right is the cardinal principle of journalism. It is the responsibility of the journalist to strive for accuracy, give all relevant facts and ensure that they have been checked. Before airing any report. The journalist should be aware of the impact of words and images on the lives of others. Journalists should have independent voices. He further said that most stories of the journalist have two sides. There is no obligation to present every side in every piece, stories should be balanced. Objectivity is not always possible and may not always be desirable but impartial reporting builds trust and confidence, he added.
Furthermore he said that journalist range from social reformers to political campaigners to professional journalists to citizen journalists and bloggers. Journalist must have the reasoning about any case or story. The report of the journalist must be on reality and evidence based, either it is assumptions. There should be proper source for the news, instead of just listening and circulate it in society.
Prof, Mohammad Saeed Quraishy, Vice Chancellor, Dow university of Health Sciences in his remarks thanked the Guest Speaker for sharing his personal experience regarding ethics in journalism.
Later on, Prof, Kartar Dawani principle, Dow Medical College thanked the guest speakers and participants of the seminar. Praising the effort of the Guest Speaker, he asked audience to pay standing ovation to the speaker. In the end, Prof, M. Saeed Quraishy presented literary book as a token of appreciation to Mr. Badar Alam.

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