Selling solar power plant

The Punjab Government has announced to privatize the brand new Quaid-e-Azam 100MW Solar Power plant, which they claim has generated more than 2 billion rupees profit in four years. Although the Government claims that it is not the job of the Government to manage companies, yet the Government has already invested in the company, I would think it would only be logical for the Government to complete the project time, 15 years, to get the maximum financial benefit from the public fund investment.
Solar Power plants have a project time of 15 years, during which it not only recovers the initial investment, but also gives extra profit to the investor. The power plant does not have many running parts or costs, so therefore it is very safe investment. For the Government of Punjab to privatize such a lucrative and safe investment at this early time seems very stupid and even criminal. I therefore request the Government to reconsider their decision, and instead they should use the monthly profits of the Solar Park in social or infrastructure development in Bahawalpur.

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