Sell products not values

I may sound too orthodox but what we and our young generation are watching on television these days or if I may say, are being forced to watch, is completely against our culture and values. In one television commercial, they show you that a youth is getting ready to go on a date. His cell is not charged. He sits in his car and his car battery is also out of power. He tries to stop a taxi which doesn’t stop and he grabs a bicycle from children playing nearby. By the time he reaches the restaurant, his girlfriend leaves with another good looking boy who is enjoying a drink all alone in one corner of the restaurant. The commercial commentary says: “Let us rewind the whole scene”.
The film is fast rewinded and this time the boy manages to reach the hotel on time and joins his girl freind because his phone battery is fully charged. What is the cell phone company trying to tell its customer? That if your phone battery is not charged, you won’t be able to find a life partner? I wonder who writes such crap scripts for advertising companies. Instead, the company could have shown that someone is trying to reach hospital in an emergency situation and can’t speak to his family members because his cell phone battery is completely discharged. He then buys a phone of a particular brand that has long life battery and it helps him to make contact with his family. Our children learn advertisement jingles much more faster than their school poems. If our children grow up watching this crap on TV, what kind of society are we shaping for the future of our country? I don’t know who should be taking note of this? PEMRA? Or a suo moto notice by some respectable judge of Supreme Court?
M Rafique Zakaria
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