Selfie deaths

Sana Khan

In recent days selfie is become very common among the people. Some people take selfie for enjoyment, but are not aware of its dangerous effects. Recently a girl fell into a river while taking a selfie. According to the police, the girl was about to take a selfie, but she could not maintain her balance and slipped into the river. Her cousin tried to resue her, but both were swept away by the ferocious waves of the river. It is not the only case occurred in our country.
On August 16, an 11 years old girl drowned after falling into the river while taking a selfie. Earlier in July a tourist’s body was found in Amazon Jungle, days after he fell in while taking a photo of himself. So called “ selfie deaths “ have surged with the global rise on smart phones. I request the fellow human beings, particularly the youth, to avoid capturing selfies from dangerous places and don’t put their lives in danger.
— Via email

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