Selfie clicking craze

Kajal Chatterjee

Kudos to Ms Zainab Ali for his letter titled “Let me take a selfie”(PO, February 18). The highly appropriate and relevant letter reminds me of my recent trips to Nepal and Bhutan.
Far from appreciating the majestic beauty of the two Himalayan nations, our fellow tourists were acting like lunatic and zealously clicking selfies in front of Buddha statues, monasteries, lakes, rivers or near watch towers in jungles as if there is no tomorrow! And immediately after posting those pictures in social media sites, they started to engage themselves in mere gossip or discuss politics to Bollywood! It seemed their trip was not meant to cultivate new lands and its culture, but merely to advertise to the world that ‘I am also travelling’!
This zealous obsession with self has engulfed the world in such a pathetic way that even Barrack Obama, otherwise a highly sensible personality, immersed himself in selfie-culture with two other European leaders at the solemn occasion of the funeral ceremony of none other but the great Nelson Mandela!
Since the world in general prefers to augment the external beauty instead of improving the inner self, thereby providing a huge boost to the cosmetic industry; the self-centred selfie-culture of advertising oneself has succeeded in capturing the imagination of the civilization with disastrous consequences including fatal accidents while taking “brave” pictures at mountains or seacoasts. If individuals are so eager to highlight themselves in front of the society, why don’t they try to make a mark through excellence in sports, education, literature or social service?
—Kolkata, India

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