Selfie addiction

Syeda Mehwish

Selfies are one of the recent phenomenon, cropped up after the introduction of now modes and applications in the field of inter-communication that has been in practice for the last about five years. Social media websites like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook have pushed these cell phone self-portraits to the front of line. Selfies have changed the way we look at the world. The generation that is growing up in the world surrounded by technology, is practically made for selfie-taking. The front-facing photos have become a new way for younger people to communicate with family and friends and share experiences and memories.
Selfies are so popular not only with the youth of today, but they are also picking up with generations before its time; this is because we as a people have been taking photos of ourselves for now over one hundred years, it is so easy to take photos of ourselves, we have many different platforms of sharing selfies with friends, followers, and loved ones, and it brings us together as a communicating community.

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