Apropos to the editorial of this newspaper “Self-accountability” (August 07, 2018). The editorial has rightly pointed out that after losing the election, most of the politicians hurl allegations of rigging and call the election process engineered. Obviously, the excuses politicians give on the media is not justifiable when they themselves formed the Election Commission. The editorial opines that whosoever holds close contact with people, has brighter chances of winning the election. Those politicians who desert the people of their respective constituencies, often end up with losing the election. It is necessary to engage with people if someone plans to contest an election. But, in this technological era, people have become politically mature. They have ceased to consider development projects when it comes to voting. PML-N has done huge development in Punjab. Despite this, the Party has lost and has no chances of forming the government in the province. Today, people look for ideals instead of short-term projects. They are after vision not after Metro or Orange line projects. Moreover, self-accountability exists in every civilised, politically nurtured and democratic country. Pakistan is in the phase of democratic evolution and it needs time to be socially and politically self-responsible.

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