Selective justice

Asfand Bhutto

Few days ago, on Friday, there was a bank robbery in Allied Bank near Liberty Round-about in Hyderabad. Two persons looting everyone in the bank were seen in the CCTV footage while another accomplice was standing outside the bank. The faces of all the three were covered. When the three were trying to flee, the security guard started firing in which one perpetrator met with intense injury after the bullet hit in his leg but he succeeded to flee.
The incident invited the wrath of the SSP, Hyderabad who gave his full vent in order to nab the accused. The media aired that the three were killed in a police encounter when the accomplices of the criminals started the indiscriminate firing on police personnel. There is not at all veracity over this news. After three days, the video, showing the accused in a shackles with Police personnel, released on Samaa TV. Later on, they all were full fried.
This is the level of unscrupulousness of the police. They have now come to the level of depravity by imprisoning the innocents unjustly, torturing the people violently and accusing the indigenous allegedly. The Hyderabad police under the special patronage of SSP Irfan Baloch have committed hundreds of such encounters to date just for the sake of earning reputation and fame. If any person appears to have implicated in any crime, there must be a trial of him in a court of law. Why the Sindh Police has illegitimately promoted the culture of half and full fry? Why the Supreme Court is adamant to take stern notice to curb this culture? If police keeps on encountering the criminals, then why the justice courts are made? In this nascent half and full fry culture, multitude of innocent people have been killed deliberately. I urge the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take serious and severe initiatives against such heart-rending acts in order to ensure justice to all and sundry.
—Hyderabad, Sindh

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