Security for sports

Raza Ullah Khan

In a bid to initiate healthy sports activities in my native town Ghazni khel in district Lakki Marwat, some local people started football match, watched and participated by a number of local youth. However, the spectators were all the time under the spectre of fear due to improper security arrangements and open use and display of drugs and weapons. Every third person was openly busy in sale/purchase and consumption of drugs while there was no government authority to take action against the menace.
Similarly every third person brought in his weapons with him. Many local people have a strong dislike for weapons and also criticize the local police whenever there is an open display of weapons or exchange of firing. The local police took no action against these people. Some local people believe that local police has direct contact with these people, which emboldens them to carry weapons and use drugs. Thus the spectators watched the match with fear and fright. It’s my humble plea to the KP Chief Minister Pervaiz khattak to take strong action against local police department and also the concerned people.
—Lakki Marwat

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