Seasonal birds

It is said that there were nooks, corners, spread loaches and large inundations. There came seasonal birds, unlimited kinds of fish, lotus, lotus beans and many other beauties of nature. The main thing from all above. Alas! Today this sumptuous situation is not available; Sindh loches have been devastated. Not only those innocent, seasonal birds do not come nor delicious kinds of fishes are caught.
No lotus, nor lotus beans, no flower nor their fragrance is incensed. In Sindh loaches, river’s and rains’ sweet water’s delta have been closed. Whereas, poisonous water has been gushing into lakes. Cause of this, aquatic homes have lost their beauty. Today, on this destruction of Sindh’s beautiful lakes human and nature have been crying tears of blood. Where the beauty of Manchar Lake has gone? Where are those congregations and splendors held at Kambar district’s Drigh and Langh loches that attract Iran’s Emperor, Sheikh Zaid Sultan, Zulifquar Ali Bhutto and our rulers? Today, Keenjhar loach is slowly getting devastated like Manchar Lake. Likewise, if Keenjhar is ruined, there will be water crisis in Karachi and it will come with great destruction.
We are the proved killer of beauty of nature. Can’t we and our rulers cultivate the deserted and being lorn loaches. Let’s populate the Manchar, Mukhi, Haleji, Hudero, Drigh, Langh and Keenjhar loaches, lowlands and inundations. For this there is a need: First of all, we must own them then with combined capital develop them. This is all possible. Let’s become sons and daughters of nature and take combined steps for restoration of this beautiful natural legacy.
Larkana, Sindh

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