Season of turncoats

A day after the entire nation hailed the bold decision of PTI Chairman Imran Khan by exposing those members of his party who sold their votes in recent Senate elections, one of the PPP stalwarts Nadeem Afzal Chan met Mr Khan at his Bani Gala residence in Islamabad as a prelude to formally joining the party. Chan praised the PTI’s efforts against corruption and invited Imran to visit his hometown of Pir Mako on April 25 — an invitation the PTI Chairman accepted. It is expected that a formal joining announcement by Mr Chan would be made during that visit.
It is regrettable that turncoats have formed a beeline to join different parties ahead of general election, defecting even those parties that gave them political career and name. Chan was considered to be one of the vocal and staunch leaders of PPP and a strong voice in Punjab where the party is getting eliminated with the passage of time for understandable reasons. He may or may not win his seat in coming elections under the umbrella of PTI (and that too if he gets party ticket). But who cares in Pakistani style of politics where majority of those who reach to the assemblies changed not just one but several parties, ditching leaders on whom they have been showering praises for months and years. PTI is now mainly composed of elements borrowed from other parties, denting its originality and credibility as an entity capable of bringing any change. Who wou

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