Searching for God..!

GOD dwells in our hearts and it is there that we find Him. Like the musk deer that wanders in pursuit of the fragrance not knowing the fragrance comes from itself, the poet wanders in vain without searching for God who dwells within.’ Tagore
For years an atheist in a Greek village envied the serenity of a holy friend. Finally, he asked his friend if he, too, might not find from God the same peace of mind. “Yes, I believe so,” replied the holy man, “If you get to know Him.” “But where can I meet this God?” The friend explained that he customarily went out several miles beyond the village and there met and talked to God.
The next morning the atheist walked out of the village until he stood before a mountain, and he cried out, “Lord God Almighty, discover to me the kind of being you are!” And when he received no answer he again and again cried out the same words. He repeated this action every morning for several weeks and finally gave up. “There is no God!” he declared.
When the atheist again encountered his holy friend he scornfully related his futile experience and alleged his friend was indulging in self-deception. “Did you go out of the village, as I directed?” asked his friend. “Yes, and I stood before that mountain day after day and called out to your God, and there was no answer.” “Why, there is no mountain out there,” said the surprised friend. “But, anyway, tell me, what did you say to the Lord?” “I asked Him to tell me the kind of being he is.” “Well, my friend,” replied the Christian, “when I go out there I tell God the kind of person I am. I confess I am sinful and I recognize that purity and holiness cannot exist apart from Him. Then God appears to me and I gain a better understanding of Him.” The next morning the atheist again went out beyond the village, fell on his knees before the mountain, and said, “Lord, I am a sinful man; forgive me!”

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