Scraping unlawful wildlife trade top priority : Moeen

Islamabad—Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) MNA, Muhammad Moeen Watoo has said that the incumbent government is committed to deal the elements involved in illegal wildlife trade in the country with iron hands and urged the relevant stakeholders to extend cooperation with the government in this regard.
Addressing to the participants of national consultative policy workshop on ‘Tackling Illegal Wildlife Trade in Pakistan through a National Monitoring Network’ held here on Wednesday, Moeen Watoo said that protecting wildlife from all sorts of threats was a top priority of the government, particularly the problem of the illicit wildlife trade, which has shown an unprecedented spike.
He observed that the wildlife trade was the most pressing threat to animals in many parts of the world including Pakistan. Around the globe, wildlife was being bought and sold on an increasingly colossal scale as pets, meat, food, medicine, furs, feathers, skins and trophies.
He remarked that globally illicit wildlife trafficking is valued at billions of dollars per year — behind narcotics and illegal arms trades and the situation in Pakistan is highly upsetting.
“Because, the wildlife species worth billions of dollars continue to be unlawfully trafficked to different countries from Pakistan too because of weak implementation of relevant laws, lack of technology and lack of capacity of the relevant government departments including security agencies,” he argued.
Talking about the nefarious impact of the wildlife trade, he told participants that the illegal wildlife trade had disturbed the country’s biological balance by overturning decades of conservation gains made by the country. Today a number of wildlife species have reached near extinction while many others are on endangered due to this soring problem unlawful wildlife trafficking.—INP

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