Scotland Yard

Aftab Ahmad

Scotland Yard is among one of the best criminal investigative agencies of the world and even the American FBI had initially made use of its training facilities. It has scientific methods that uncover the evidence against a culprit that lay bare his each and every step down to the microscopic level to trace his methods in commission of a crime.. Then there is the British system of justice that is famous throughout the world as the best and most honest that lets no criminal escape its minutest scrutiny and its rate of meting out unequivocal justice is said to be 99%.
Yet it seems very strange that millions of pounds were sent in and out of Britain illegally and were openly used to destabilize a city that is the business hub and home to most sensitive institutions of Pakistan, a real friend of Britain too. And an important Pakistani political figure Imran Farooq was murdered in cold blood in plain sight of the general public and the surveillance cameras in London, yet the end result has been that all these cases have been dropped for ‘lack of evidence’ after 4 years of thorough research.
This shows that the British institutions are only good for the British people themselves but throw away the humane mantle of fair play when dealing with foreigners. These cases also prove that Britain has taken up again its methods of Elizabethan days when its privateer pirates who brought huge loots from abroad were honoured and knighted but were disowned when caught by other countries in the act of vandalizing their ships. The man who sits in London and destabilizes and orders murders of thousands of Pakistanis in Karachi is given safe haven and protection by the British institutions of justice only because he is helpful in promoting business between Britain and India. This also indicates that Britain has fallen back on its insular ways when its only means of income were looting of foreign resources and raiding and colonizing other countries. Now, though, the strategy has changed to more scientific and subtle ways and proxies are used instead of direct personal involvement.

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