SCO progress hailed in S Lanka

A C Shahul Hameed

Colombo—The resolutions and China’s cooperation to strengthen the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation has been hailed by Sri Lanka’s state owned English daily “Daily News’, the largest circulated newspaper in the island.
The SCO is a great union that creates the perfect balance between the Russian and Chinese power. It is also viewed as an anti-US bulwark in Central Asia . It is also considered that interaction within the SCO will promote the realization of a huge potential of good neighborliness , unity and cooperation between states and their peoples states the “Daily News”.
A group of journalists from Sri Lanka too attended the Tashkent Summit.
The organisation as stated in its charter is dedicated to strengthen peace and ensuring of security and stability in the region, in the environment of developing political, multi-polarity and economic and information globalization.
The SCO charter also envisages encouraging ‘efficient regional cooperation in such spheres as politics, trade and economy, defence, law enforcement, environmental protection, culture, science and technology, education, energy, transport, credit and finance and also other spheres of common interest.
The charter further states that the organisation is committed to facilitate comprehensive and balanced economic growth, social and cultural development in the region through joint actions on the basis of partnership for the purpose of a steady increase of living standards and improvement of living conditions of the peoples of the member states.
“The Daily News” hailed the program of the SCO and the support of China in promoting regional prosperity and stability. It also applauded the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s assurance to strengthen the SCO and carrying fforward the Shanghai spirit.
The main goals and tasks o SCO are to strengthen mutual trust, friendship and cordial relations between the member states, to consolidate multi disciplinary cooperation in the maintenance of strengthening of peace, security and stability in the region and a promotion of a new democratic ,fair and rational, political and economic international order and jointly counter act terrorism, separatism and extreemism in all manifestations.
The Union of Journalists of Sri Lanka, which is affiliated to the International organisation of Journalists too hailed the decisions of the Tashkent Summit and will appeal the Sri Lanka government to work for the implementation of the decisions of the SCO.

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