SCO media alliance

AT its media summit held on the proposal of Chinese President Xi Jingping in Beijing, the SCO achieved yet another milestone the other day by launching a media cooperation alliance with the aim to promote the spirit and objectives of the organisation. Pakistan which is also now permanent member of the SCO joined the initiative and a senior official of Information Ministry Shafquat Jalil who represented Pakistan at the moot assured that Pakistani media would also be on the forefront in promoting the cooperative partnership and achieving their common goals.
Indeed in the modern world with the emergence of smart electronic gadgets, the electronic, print and social media have assumed greater significance in bringing the people closer to each other. In his message at the Media Summit also, Chinese President Xi Jinping very rightly pointed out that the media is playing an increasingly significant role in connecting hearts and minds of people from different countries. This initiative of media alliance once again reflects how much the Chinese President is committed and sincere to his cause of common development and a share communication network in the region. We believe that the establishment of the media alliance will go a long way in improving people to people contacts and building a more close knit community within the SCO. Pakistan and China are already cooperating in the field of media through different exchange programmes and the launch of media cooperation alliance has now afforded an opportunity to explore more robust cooperation in this particular field with other SCO member countries. The exchange programmes definitely will help Pakistan not only to project its soft and peaceful image but also facilitate our industry to learn from the experiences and technology of other member countries.

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