SCO to help wipe-out terrorism

PM praised for achieving full member status to Pakistan in SCO


Senator and leader of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), Saleem Zia on Monday said that Pakistan can use the forum of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), for countering the issues of terrorism and extremism.
Talking to media, he said that big countries including China and Russia were the members of SCO which could play vital role in resolving the issues of terrorism and extremism. The SCO had constituted Anti-Terrorist Structure which would help counter the terrorism issue, he said.
To a question regarding conflict of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, he said that Pakistan had good relations with both the countries, adding that Nawaz Sharif was the only leader who could play vital role and reduce the tension between the two Islamic countries.
The Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif’s efforts was highly lauded by the experts of Khyber Pakthunkhwa for achieving full membership status to Pakistan in the most important Shangai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and termed it a landmark achievement of his government on diplomatic and political fronts by paving the way for increasing pace of economic development in the country.
Pro-Vice Chancellor, Islamia College University (ICU), Prof Dr Naushad Khan told APP on Monday joining of SCO as a full member was a historic day in the diplomatic history of Pakistan and the Prime Minister deserved full credit and appreciations for achieving this landmark milestone.
He said Pakistan’s geo-economic and political importance would be further enhanced with joining of SCO besides making this key organization more strengthen and powerful in all spares of life including political, economics, social, business and humanitarians among the members states.
“I my opinion, SCO will give Pakistan a powerful platform to promote its economy, business and trade services besides immensely helping to raise our view points on regional and international issues and increase the diplomatic influence of Islamabad.”
“With joining of SCO, Pakistan will be better equipped now to ensure peace, build trust, spur economic development, combat terrorism, eliminate poverty, deal with natural disasters, tackle climate change/global warming and assure water security to its people,” he said.
Dr Naushad said expansion of the SCO has taken place at a time when China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ (OBOR) initiative has transformed global economic landscape and more states were intending to join multi faceted CPEC, a major component of OBOR.
“Pakistan inclusion in the organization as full member has passed a strong message to all that Islamabad can’t be isolated and its important role for economic progress and global peace can’t be overlooked.”
He said Pakistan would be soon at the center stage of massive trade and business activities and would emerge as Asian economic leader in the region due to CPEC.
Dr Naushad said around 65 countries had showed keen interest to become part of CPEC to make their trade and business through Gawadar Port, a gateway to directly benefit people of Balochistan, KP, Punjab, Sindh, Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. Prime Minsiter Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has held a comprehensive meeting with global leaders including Russian President Vladmir Putin during historic SCO summit held at Astana and was very productive.
He said Pak-Russia relations were improving during PMLN tenure that was good omen for people of both countries besides enhancing bilateral trade and business activities. “In case India wanted to become part of CPEC should first hold meaningful dialogue with Pakistan for solution of the core issue of Kashmir,” he said, adding CPEC would make Pakistan borders safe and no adversary can make an evil eye on our country.
“We should get ready for CPEC and must focus on learning Chinese’s language,” he said. The Pro VC said establishment of a multi language centre at Islamic College Peshawar has been proposed where all modern languages including Chinese would be taught to students.—APP

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