Schoolboy, tortured by teacher loses senses

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Karachi—Torture, and inhuman treatment in schools is becoming a way of life in Karachi and other parts of the country. In a latest incident, a 14-year old schoolboy was allegedly tortured so severely by his teacher that the student ended up losing his senses and was paralysed.
Family and doctors said that Mohammed Ahmed, 14, is unable to digest food or chew it, as a matter of fact. He has been put on a liquid diet ever since he broke sensitive bones in his neck. According to his father, Ghullam Ahmed, his son was victim of an attempted stragulation by no less a person than his own teacher. He was tortured in a manner defying all norms and cannons that his sensitive bones in the neck were broken. This led to a paralysis attack and caused him to lose all his sense, including sense of speaking..
Ghullam Ahmed claims that a few teachers from his school are to blame for the assault on the student and said that the incident occurred four months ago.
“On August 6 just after school reopened after summer vacations I received a phone call from station master GM Bhatti saying that my son had suffered fits,” he said.
Ghullam claimed that when he arrived at the school to take care of his son, he found that Mohammed Ahmed’s face, neck, lower limbs, back and neck were laden with injuries. After doctors in Larkana were unable to provide the boy with adequate treatment, he took Mohammed Ahmed to Karachi for medical care where experts informed him that the condition had been caused by assault.
His son’s medical treatment is possible in the United States doctors have said, but his parents claim they don’t have the resources to take him there. “I have six daughters, and I’ve spent all my savings on Ahmed,” Ghullam Ahmed wails.
Physical or corporal punishment of any sort has been deemed as illegal by the law in schools. Teachers involved in such activities can be sentenced to a year in prison, or a fine of Rs 50,000 or both.

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