SCBA forms committee to probe Maria’s killing in Murree

Islamabad—The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) on Wednesday has formed a three member Committee to thoroughly enquire and probe into the matter of killing of 19 years young woman Maria in Murree last month.
Syed Ali Zafar, President, Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan (SCBAP) has condemned the fact that hundreds of women are being killed in Pakistan with impunity and the culprits are getting away with daylight murder, a statement says.
He stated that violence against women and children must be stopped, at all costs, and the only way to do it is to punish the sadistic culprits with the full force of law, and ensure that no one gets away. He stated that the unfortunate aspect is that there have been too many cases where female and child victims have received no justice from the legal system.
Barrister Zafar said that he has reason to believe that the young woman, Maria, who has died after being tortured and set on fire for refusing the marriage proposal, like the others, too will only become a statistic, while the criminals will be set free.
To ensure that no one is able to avoid and abuse the process of law, the President SCBA has constituted a Committee consisting of two past Presidents of SCBA, Ms. Asma Jahangir and Mr. Kamran Murtaza and the Member Executive of SCBA, Ms. TehminaMohibullah, to thoroughly enquire and probe into the matter in Murree, particularly to ensure that the investigation of the crime is being conducted in a credible manner and in accordance with law, the culprits are brought to justice and thereafter to submit a report to the SCBA.
He showed his disappointment at the lack of response from the Ministry of Human Rights in the Federal and Provincial Governments, and stated that SCBA will now take up the issue as a Human Rights case based on the report of the Committee.
It is worth mentioning here that a 19-year-old woman Maria was burnt alive over rejecting a matrimonial proposal of the school-owner named Master Shaukat in a village near Murree, succumbed to injuries on June 01.—Sabah

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