SC verdict on SPSC

The land mark decision of Supreme Court of Pakistan dated: 13/March/2017 in respect of eligibility of Sindh Public Service Commission Chairman along with its Members and Combined Competitive Examination 2013 results is supposedly put into back burner by two fronts: the Sind Government and the Sind Public Service Commission (SPSC), whereby the former was issued orders to appoint new chairman within two weeks and its Members within four weeks vide sub para 1 and 3 respectively of para 26 of judgment and latter (SPSC) to conduct the Combined Competitive Examination 2013 soon after the appointment of Chairman and Members vide the sub para 5 of para 26 which reads;
“Afresh written test for CCE-2013 for the post as advertised be held as soon as possible after appointment of Chairman and Members”. Firstly the Sindh Government after appointing a new Chairman has failed to place eight members so far since judgment date of 13/03/2017 which ought to be appointed within 4 weeks. Government indifference to carry out SC directives amounts to contempt case. Secondly, Prima facie of SPSC’s indifference towards said judgment is, when it has on 25/08/2017 announced re exams-2013 schedule of 08/11/2017 ( under which the papers would start from 08/11/2017) in the absence of eight Members which is beyond comprehension.
For this utter disregard to SC verdict by two: the Sindh Government and SPSC, no one but the candidates are relegated to loss. The Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan may kindly take serious notice on apathy and contempt of both fronts firstly for the way the Sind Government has miserably failed to carry out its verdict with regard to Members appointments and Secondly of grave blunder on the part of SPSC of announcing schedule in the absence of 8 members which is not innocent mistake to be overlooked. However, the inordinate delay in examination has reached the borderline, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, while showing its verdict enforcement worth, may kindly refer the Combined Competitive Examination-2013 to Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) in “Mini Examination format” taking just Five (05) Compulsory papers.

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