SC unhappy over Sheesha ban violations

WHILE taking up the issue of Sheesha smoking again for hearing on Tuesday, Supreme Court voiced serious apprehensions over soaring use of Sheesha and directed the Provincial governments to ensure effective implementation of the ban in all the Provinces. Chief Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali in his remarks specially mentioned about the Sindh Province where he said corruption and bribery is being used in the name of implementing ban on Sheesha.
The observations made by the CJ are based on ground realities as often those entrusted with the responsibility to implement a particular decision or ban get hand in glove with the violators to give a cover to the illegal activity. The same is happening in the case of Sheesha smoking where the café owners are greasing the palm of the officials to get their killer business blossom unchecked. According to health experts, smoking Sheesha, which is offered in different flavours, is more hazardous even than cigarettes, though it does not imply that one should stop smoking Sheesha and start cigarettes as both can put the lives of smokers at stake through different diseases. As for Sheesha, it contains more nicotine than cigarette, which in fact is a major addictive component while studies also suggest that regular Sheesha smoking can impair cardiac function and can lead to the cancer of mouth and lungs. Given these hazardous effects, we expect that Supreme Court will ensure strict implementation of the ban by ordering strict action against both the café owners and the corrupt officials who are filling their pockets at the cost of the lives of our youth – the future of this country. Besides strict enforcement of law, there is also need to create greater awareness amongst masses through different mediums about the ill effects of smoking – be it Sheesha or cigarette. We will suggest that anti smoking material be made part of syllabus in order to keep the young souls away from the tempting pipes of tobacco.

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