SC reinstates Postmaster with stoppage of 5 increments

Dr Waqar Ch

Lahore—The Supreme Court Tuesday reinstated a compulsory retired postmaster of Pakistan Post Department after imposing a penalty of stoppage of five annual increments.
Hafiz Tariq Nasim, counsel for the appellant Saif Ullah arguing said petitioner was working as Postmaster at Jaranwala Post Office District Faisalabad when he was served with a show cause notice IN 2009 under removal from service for failing to take acknowledgement of cash remitted to Jaranwala Post Office, non reporting the case to Senior Postmaster, facilitating the fraud to accused officials, cheating the department, misconduct, inefficiency, non performing legitimate and dishonesty.
The appellant in his reply denied the all allegations but department after founding it unsatisfactory dismissed him in 2010 and upon his appeal to higher authorities, dismissal was converted into compulsory retired. Still aggrieved, he filed an appeal with Federal Service Tribunal, where departmental decision was upheld without considering the merits of the case.
The bench comprising Justice Mian Saqib Nisar and Justice Iqbal Hameed Ur Rehman after hearing detailed arguments advanced by either sides observed that appellant can not be considered to be a fraud, forgery or embez-zlement rather at the most it can be considered that to be a inefficiency and the punishment should always commensurate with the guilt proved.

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