SC forms Adeeb Rizvi led body to halt illegal organ transplant


KARACHI : The Supreme court of Pakistan on Saturday formed a four member committee led by renowned philanthropist and founder of SIUT Adeeb Rizvi to devise a strategy for halting illegal trade and transplant of organs in the country.

The apex court was hearing a case of illegal organ transplantation in the Karachi Registry and summoned Rizvi over the issue. CJP Justice Saqib Nisar led three member bench was hearing the case. Dr Adeeb Rizvi informed the court that kidney transplant is continuing due to the absence of effective lawmaking in organ transplant. He said that unfortunately the Pakistan comes on top in illegal transplantation of organs in the world and in order to halt this, a proper lawmaking and awareness regarding transplant of organs after death is necessary.

“A public awareness campaign should be run among donors and masses and if this process is not adopted than illegal commercial activity for organ transplant will bolster,” he said. He also suggested the need to use organs of those killed in accidents in Karachi for transplants.

“In Karachi, over 1,000 people are killed in different incidents and accidents in a year and there’s a need to use the organs of the deceased,” he said.

The CJP asked as to what steps could be taken for halting illegal transplant of organs and said that they would sit on this issue for the next day also in order to issue directives for effective lawmaking in this regard. The CJP also asked Adeeb Rizvi to submit recommendations in this regard and said that the court would completely support Adeeb Rizvi in this process.

“You should form a team and the court would completely assist you,” remarked the CJP and later also formed a four member committee to finalize recommendations for halting illegal organ trade and effective lawmaking in this regard.

Orignally published by INP

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