SC decisions..!

Javaid Bashir

The Supreme Court’s recent decisions seem to be paving way for reforms in the institutional system. The other day the Apex Court gave a good decision to keep the demotion order of 121 police officers while hearing the case on Out of turn promotions in the Police Department.
The Supreme Court gave another important decision in a Suo Moto action regarding the illegal appointments in the NAB. 4 DGs of NAB have been removed on this account. A Committee has been formed to check the credentials of 102 officers. The court has also ordered to fill the vacancies within three months. The terminated officers must appear in the competitive examination to legally qualify for these positions. The fate of 95 officers will be decided by the Committee headed by the Establishment Secretary.
In response to a lawyer’s remarks for the lady DG, NAB, that it needed a soft image to improve its public persona, the Court said NAB does not need soft faces but hard faces to do its job. Fingers are pointed against its defective performance of the public institutions but no one bothers to remove the real causes.
NAB has not been able to keep a positive image in public due to its lack of performance. The officers who are not recruited on merit cannot perform well. How can they take action against the corrupt elements? NAB may make tall claims but it has robbed the exchequer of huge sums of money by entering into plea bargaining with looters and plunderers. We applaud this new activism of the Apex Court to reform the system.

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