SC bans recruitment of new doctors

Salahuddin Haider


The Supreme Court banned fresh recruitment of doctors by the government, till promotion cases under fourth year formula are finalized within two months. The Court’s Karachi registry upheld the Sindh High Court verdict on the issue.
Till this is done, no fresh recruitment will be allowed in health department of the Sindh government, the Court order was crystal clear and unambiguous.
The health secretary Fazlullah Paichuo remarked that those coming through recommendations included his deputy secretary, who neither can do anything, nor can be asked to understand his duties and obligations. He in incompetent, but recommendations are in vogue, which is a curse.
He reported that of the total posts of 6,768 for grade 17 doctors in the province,3,693 were vacancies . several young grade 17 doctors were on leave and living abroad . How could they be promoted, he said and told the honourable judges that he did not wish to open the pandora’s box.
The bench comprising Justice Qazi Faiz Essas, Justice Amir Hani Muslim, and Justice Faisal Arab agreed that the system of recommending people to posts without consideration to merit, was a major problem. But judges can not help each and every one of the 20 crore people of Pakistan. They can merely announcet verdict to do justice to them.
Justice unfortunately had deserted the country. One of the doctors Nawaz Ali said that justice should be done, else he too should be allowed to use influence. Justice Muslim looked aghast and wanted to know from him as to whether courts can allow corruption to flourish and on justice to take back seat.

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