Say no to smoking teens

Aqsa Amin

Everyday 1.3 million people are regular smokers worldwide and above 9000 young people everyday start to smoke, risking rapid addiction to nicotine. Smoking is getting popular among young people in Pakistan, which approximately shows 1000 to 1200 teens entering the menace on daily basis. According to WHO, the smoking rate in Pakistan has increased by 30% over the last decade. Now according to the latest research, about 80% adult people begin smoking before they turn 18. The children under the age of 13 are found buying cigarettes which I think, is a wakeup call for the government.
Through your newspaper, I just want to draw the attention of government toward this issue and I request government to stop selling tobacco because due to tobacco a number of diseases are on rise, like lung cancer and mouth cancer due to which a lot of people lose their lives. I call upon the government to look into this issue and take appropriate action for stopping the sale of cigarettes to the teens.
—Via email

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